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Are recumbents difficult to ride?

Not at all! It can take a mile or two to get used to, though. You feel and act differently, but you quickly learn to sit back and relax. When my family goes to a campsite, we usually use recumbents. We drive around with it until someone stops us to ask a question. We invite them for a jaunt, and after 100 meters or so everyone is fine. Recumbent bikes go well with the relaxed atmosphere at a campsite.

Do they climb well?

Yes, they do! Recumbents use different muscles, even a very fit, upright rider climbs more slowly at first until he has developed his glutes. We designed the Pelso / Brevet to be extremely easy to drive.

Are you fast?

Recumbents hold all records in the races they are allowed in. Since most of a cyclist’s energy is consumed by pushing the air out of the way, the smaller frontal area of a recumbent bike makes it faster on flat stretches and downhill. A recumbent bike with a well-designed partial or full fairing can be even faster. So the short answer is that most people are faster on a recumbent bike after getting used to it.

Are recumbents safe?

On a recumbent bike you move your feet first so that you always have a complete view of the goal and the center.

gravity is less for stability. Most recumbent bicycles position the rider more than high enough to as easy to see as an upright bike, and many trikes are now fitted with higher seat heights and safety flags.

Are recumbents hard to learn to ride?

First-time recumbent riders often feel a little shaky, but most can ride almost immediately without tipping over. The brevet was designed in such a way that, thanks to its stability and shape, it is very easy to learn.

What are the medical reasons that cause people switch to recumbents?

The most common physical problems that people complain about while riding regular bikes are as follows:

Pain in the neck, shoulders and back.

Pain in the hands, wrists and buttocks.

Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Impotence in men.

Nerve entrapment in the neck.

Nerve trauma in the hands.

The reason for this is the wrong posture a rider must be in when racing or riding a normal bike. We have kept health and comfort up front all along.
Our unique seat is designed to support the spine from bottom to top all the time.

Does the Pelso / Brevet support the 3 * front derailleur setting?

Definitely, although this change counts as additional equipment.

How long does the delivery take?

Delivery usually takes 15 working days, but we work with several partners, which could extend the delivery time.
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