Pelso Brevet review / comparison to vendetta.

Cruzbike vendetta V2 and v20 50,000 klm plus. Sram red mechanical build enve 6.7 wheelset. I run a pneumatic old inner tube inside oem neckrest for increased comfort

Pelso brevet 3000 km . Dura ace sram xo build. yoleo 50 mm carbon wheels. Disc brakes.

I could bang on forever with facts and figures but that info is already readily available so subjective opinion then………. they are different bikes purposed for me. Both are similar specs and seat lay backs.

The pelso is fitted with their new seat not the Bacchetta rail gun seen online even in the euro spec. It is more laid back and now at around twenty degrees I use a neckrest. The Bacchetta rail gun I do not need a neckrest even at max recline below twenty degrees.

If I want the fastest I ride the vendetta.

If I want the lightest I ride either.

If I want maximum versatility I ride the brevet.

Cruzbike vendetta advantages.

That efficient fwd driveline mbb and great design. A real sports car. Purposed for speed. Yet most capable of audax and even touring if so inclined. Wheel weighting 50/50 approx and v20 infinite adjustability.

Great reliable quality established product. Number one attribute is speed.

Pelso advantages.

Seat angle adjustment.

Possible for greater comfort largely due to larger Tyre size choices up to 42 mm. like cruzbike s40 versatile and perhaps a better comparison.

The pelso pad is notably very very comfortable. I run with a thin ventisit pad on both bikes however due to utility.

Both bikes are ergonomically great and ride quality is most comfy. Given that tyres are the chief comfort giver on any non suspended recumbent then the pelso shades the vendetta comfort here. But not totally because of frame material differences. Both bikes at 100 psi tyre pressures can be over rough potholed surfaces rather bone rattling . I note no major real advantage of carbon v aluminium in the frame attributes. Unlike my aluminium to carbon fibre df experience. Testimony then to the advanced material design of the vendetta. The jbar though visually still somewhat ungainly to my eye are nevertheless superb and I won’t be putting a tiller on. Edit um I did…. Nice quality finish and thoughtful design.

Number one attribute is comfort.

This bike is a gto. It’s bigger than the vendetta in every way. You sit on the brevet rather than in despite the euro swoop. Gnomes need not apply.


I like all of my recumbents my favourite is the one I rode yesterday. And no mistake they each have separate purpose. Which leaves the brevet the most versatile for my needs.

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