Why Pelso?

Easy to learn

The Pelso/Brevet is engineered to combine the advantages of road bikes and recumbent bikes. Learn to ride as easy as a road bike and enjoy your journey in laidback comfort.

Ergonomic design

Thanks for the second generational ergonomic carbon seats, the Pelso/Brevet offers unbelievable comfort for the ride. Your maximum comfort is ensured on long rides by ergonomic body positioning and simple-to-reach handlebars. Low step-over height helps shorter riders with easy start/stop.

Perfect fit

Frames are available in two main sizes. The seat and handlebar can be fine-tuned to suit you for hours long rides. Less is more – 1×11 drivetrain support, disc brakes, internal cable routing, fast and accurate adjustability simplify your life as a rider. Did we mention the sleek and functional design?


With an exceptional light frameset weight, the Pelso/Brevet is one of the world’s lightest recumbent frameset.

High quality

All major components are made of High Modulus / unidirectional carbon fiber materials for enhanced rider comfort and extended durability. Our experience and fame in manufacturing carbon fiber and plastic products makes us to keep the highest standards and quality.

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